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Eden Rose Inspirations - A Bowling Green Ohio Florist

How To Prepare a Rose Properly

We love what we do so much we wanted to share what goes on behind the scenes, from tricks to making your arrangements last longer to flower arranging demonstrations from our florists!

1. Get your rose and some scissors

2. Bend the branches off to snap them off

3. Look for the thorns

4. Cut off the tip of the thorn

5. See the tip is gone, this will hurt you less now and make arranging easier

6. Gently remove guard petals by bending them back at the base and tearing them off

7. Peel off guard petals surrounding rose

8. Checking out the fresh rose

9. Cut the stem at a long angle to promote good water uptake

10. View the rose tip. Now it is ready for a vase.

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