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About Us

About Us

Eden Rose blossomed from owner Heather's passion for flowers

Since childhood, taking care of others has always been the life mission of owner and designer, Heather Borsos. Heather started this mission in the field of nursing and during her tenure, she experienced the beauty of the life cycle. Heather took care of those bringing life into the world and was at the bedside when her patients left this world. In the background of these beautiful and painful life experiences, there were flowers.

In 2015, Heather married Andrew. It was at this point in Heather’s life that she realized, after designing her own wedding florals, that she wanted to “take care of others” in another way. Heather dove feet first into learning, educating herself and building her floral designing skills with a goal of one day opening her own shop.

Over the last 9 years, Eden Rose Inspirations has grown from a specialized floral boutique to a full-service business with a store front in the heart of Bowling Green, Ohio. Although the business has grown, Heather’s mission has never changed. Whether you are looking for a birthday gift, funeral arrangements, wedding florals or just the random surprise, Heather’s goal is to “take care” of you.

Our Mission

Flowers are woven throughout the tapestry of one’s life. They appear during some of our most memorable life events such as births, celebrations, weddings and final goodbyes. Flowers not only bring happiness but are symbolic of love, gratitude and respect. It is our hope that years later when you are met with the sight or smell of flowers that were a part of our creation designed for you- it will take you back to that special day, filling your heart with love and bringing a smile to your face. It is an honor to serve others intertwining flowers throughout the beautiful tapestry of their lives; weaving the blanket to wrap them in love.